Find your recommended Ergon saddle.

SM Women MTB Series

MTB saddles for women – completely rethought. The anatomical characteristics of the female pelvis were analysed in the course of long-term studies, and the results led to a new saddle design.


SMC4 MTB Comfort Series

Core Comfort -The ergonomic focus is on maximizing rider comfort and relief of the soft tissue areas of mountain bikers.


SMD2 MTB Gravity - Downhill Series

The first Ergon saddle designed not only for sitting but also for control of the bike! Designed for unrestricted freedom of movement during intense downhill use.


SMA3 MTB All-Mountain Series

SMA3 - The comfort All-Mountain saddle that is the perfect balance between performance and comfort.


SME3 MTB Enduro Series

The superstar saddle of the enduro scene, which is popular with both riders and the media. The SME3 is at the forefront in the Enduro World Series.


SMC3 MTB Comfort Series

The Perfomance Comfort saddle for mountain bikers. The SMC3 is designed as an all round mountain bike saddle, ideal for recreational cyclists and cyclists with common saddle issues.


SMR3 MTB Marathon Series

Made for Marathon! - The lightweight saddle series used by the Topeak-Ergon Racing Team. Developed in close collaboration with World Champion Alban Lakata, the SMR3 has a race optimized geometry and contour.